Decorative Cookie Tins are the perfect packaging for cookies, candy, cakes, baked goods and other gourmet sweets. Our beautiful cookie tins make the perfect holiday gifts. Tin containers are rarely thrown away and are recycled through reuse. Tins have a higher perceived value than other packaging.

We feature a broad range of sizes, shapes and attractive designs for all of your tin packaging needs.

Sizes available:

HJ-2001A Dia.151×64 Hmm
HJ-2001B Dia.151×60 Hmm
HJ-2001C Dia.151×40 Hmm
HJ-2001D Dia.151×79 Hmm
HJ-2002E Dia.151×70 Hmm
HJ-2001E Dia.151×35 Hmm
HJ-2019 Dia.249 x 87 Hmm
HJ-2019A Dia249 x 104H mm
HJ-2019B Dia.249 x 100 Hmm
HJ-2020 Dia.200 x 75 Hmm
HJ-2020A Dia.200 x 89 Hmm
HJ-2020B Dia.200 x 93 Hmm
HJ-2020C Dia.200 x 50 Hmm
HJ-2020D Dia.200 x 63 Hmm
HJ-2034 Dia.107×120 Hmm
HJ-2034A Dia.107×197 Hmm
HJ-2034B Dia.107×47 Hmm
HJ-2034C Dia.107×145 Hmm
HJ-2034D Dia.107×145 Hmm
HJ-2035 Dia.157×165 Hmm
HJ-2051 Dia.220 x 95 Hmm
HJ-2051A Dia.220 x 99 Hmm
HJ-2051B Dia.220 x 66.5 Hmm
HJ-2051C Dia.220 x 103Hmm
HJ-2051D Dia. 220 x 75 Hmm
HJ-2052 Dia.167 x 72 Hmm
HJ-2052A Dia.167 x 53 Hmm
HJ-2052B Dia.167 x 80 Hmm
HJ-2060 Dia.238 x 124 Hmm
HJ-2077 Dia.249 x 86 Hmm
HJ-1002 273 x 203 x 53 Hmm
HJ-1026 177 x 101 x 125 Hmm
HJ-1032 300 x 210 x 63 Hmm
HJ-1043A 250 x 152 x 50 Hmm
HJ-1044 300 x 210 x 43 Hmm
HJ-1059 129 x 106 x 162 Hmm
HJ-1060 195 x 128 x 52 Hmm
HJ-1060A 195 x 128 x 60 Hmm
HJ-1061 250 x 190 x 60 Hmm
HJ-1068 242 x 105 x 39 Hmm
HJ-1068A 242 x 105 x 58 Hmm


Food Safety and Recyclability

Each year we are audited by Disney, Wal-Mart, M&S, Sedex. We meet the high standards for food contact packaging.  Our inks and coating used for food packaging are FDA approved. Our steel packaging is 100% infinitely recyclable.  Steel can be recycled over and over without loss of quality and using less energy than it takes to make new.  We also produce all of the accessories needed for your cookie tin customers including bands, pads, liners, reship cartons and dividers.