Hengjia Metal manufactures the best quality PET & PVC Tins in the industry for snack foods and gift baskets. Our PET & PVC Tins can be with or without printing on lid or the body PET & PVC.


Sizes available:

HJ-2007 Dia. 100 x 114 Hmm
HJ-2007A Dia.100 x 89 Hmm
HJ-2007B Dia.100 x 128 Hmm
HJ-2007C DIA.100 x 130 Hmm
HJ-2008A Dia.80 x 122 Hmm
HJ-2010A Dia.60 x 78 Hmm
HJ-2010B Dia.60 x 35 Hmm
HJ-2010C Dia.60 x 345 Hmm
HJ-2029 Dia.52 x 212 Hmm
HJ-2029A Dia.52 x 110 Hmm
HJ-2039 Dia.77 x 120 Hmm
HJ-2040 Dia.77 x 220 Hmm
HJ-2032C Dia.127 x 152 Hmm
HJ-2044 Dia.151 x 136 Hmm
HJ-2044A Dia.151 x 225 Hmm
HJ-2044B Dia.151 x 200 Hmm
HJ-2078 Dia.168 x 198 Hmm